Calling All JV Partners!

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Outsource Explosion Launch Date

Outsource Explosion Launch Date

The Outsource Explosion launch date is getting much closer, just under 3 weeks to go and we are getting very excited now!  The launch campaign starts on 6th June and will run until 11th June.

We would like to remind all of you affiliate marketers out there that not only do we have a top sellers competition running during the launch, but the jv partner tools will allow you to promote our product in many different ways.  We have provided an extensive email campaign, swipes, blog posts, video scripts and much, much more.

Just head over to the jv page and check out all the tools that will help you and make the whole campaign much easier for you to work with.

Obviously we really rate our product but let me tell you why we think it’s so good and why you should promote this product to your list and readers.

Keith has spent a lot of years working online.  Over that time he has worked through a number of marketing methods, trying and testing and using the ones that are useful to build and expand his online business.

Outsourcing is one such method.  He has used a number of different sources for workers and has tried and tested each to work out the very best way to get the most out of the outsourcers he employs.  In Outsource Explosion Keith shares with you exactly how he built his business using outsourced work, how he chooses his workers and even shares details of the outsourcers he uses.  The training takes the reader by the hand and shows them exactly how to use outsourcing to build and improve their business.

In addition to this Keith and Mandy will be providing a first class after sales support system.We have both  been working successfully online for a number of years and know how very important it is to provide encouragement and support to product buyers.  We won’t treat our buyers like a number, they will become our friends.

We hope you get on board with the launch and you never know, you may just win one of the prizes too!  Click this link to go straight to the JV page and apply for affiliate approval today!

To Your Success!

29 thoughts on “Calling All JV Partners!

  1. nondumiso

    Wow this is interesting, I would like to join the affiliation team. I will register shortly, do I need to be in the USA to join? and do I also need a huge following ?

    1. Partners Success Post author

      Hi Nondumiso, thanks for visiting. Please go to the jv page and click the link to apply for affiliate approval. You don’t need a big list, or indeed any list, to promote. Some people promote products without lists. You can just do a review and put it on your blog, or even just use an affiliate link with a graphic in your blog sidebar. There are lots of ways to promote affiliate products. You can promote from anywhere in the world. Go and check out our extensive jv tools, I’m sure you’ll find something to suit you!

      Enjoy the journey!

  2. Elena

    This is very interesting read. I am still not familiar with how affiliates work but I will start by visiting the JV program and start from there.

  3. Sue Bride

    You must be excited that the culmination of all your hard work is about to become reality. I wish you much success with your launch and I’ll be supporting you as much as I can.

  4. Edward Thorpe

    Hi Mandy,

    I’m real excited for you and Keith and am hoping for an explosive launch followed by steady sales and many upsales and backend products…Best luck, Edward


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